Setting Goals For The Last Stretch of 2019


Setting Goals For the Last Stretch of 2019 – 068


In Episode 68, we are taking a look at our 19 for 2019 lists (that we reviewed last week) to see what is still in need of some attention for this last part of the year and we are going to walk through a goal setting exercise to get it done!

Then, since it’s only a few days away from Thanksgiving here in Canada, we are going to revisit the habit of gratitude and let you know how Jenny and I are currently practising this habit and why it’s so important as on of the keystone habits to get locked in before you move on to other habits.  


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1:07: Intro

2:14: Jenny and I each pick one goal that we want to accomplish in the last 3 months of 2019 and then we go through a goal setting exercise that you can try too!

17:42: Listener Feedback: We hear from you!  Some great comments and suggestions from you, our listeners

23:14: With only a few days until Thanksgiving here in Canada, we revisit gratitude and remind you how you can take it on as a habit to help increase your happiness.

27:43: Outro          


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Peggy and Jenny


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My 19 for 2019 list   

Goal Setting Worksheets: Find them at          

Here are the prompts Jenny and I used for this goal setting exercise:

Write down:

My Number one main goal right now is….
Target Date…
How will I know I’ve reached my goal? (ie objective measure)
This goal is important to me because…
My key strengths that will help me achieve this goal are….
Obstacles that may arise are…
How I plan to respond to each obstacle
What will be good about achieving my goal?
Next best steps:

PUR Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation

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Gratitude Practice Journal:  The 5 Minute Journal

Here’s how The 5 Minute Journal works:

In the morning you write in your journal and you use the prompts provided which are the same each day.
I am grateful for…. (write down 3 things)
What would make today great? (write down 3 things)
Daily Affirmations. I am (write down one thing)
These should take only a couple of minutes to complete and then you get on with your day and hopefully the things you have written down will be playing in the background of your unconscious mind helping to guide you to a better day’s outcome.

In the evening, you come back to the journal again and write in it using these prompts:
3 Amazing Things that happened today…. (write down 3 things)
What could I have done to make today even better? (write down one thing)

That’s it. A total of 5 minutes in your whole day and it can make a big difference.


Share your thoughts… We’d love to hear from you!


What was your biggest take away from this episode?  What main goal are you choosing to work on in the last 90 days of the year?  Have you taken the time to write it down?  If not, get after it!

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