Getting Comfy in Your Midlife Empty Nest with Lisa Boate - 2.50


Getting Comfy in Your Midlife Empty Nest with Lisa Boate – 2.50


In Episode 2.50, I catch you up on what I’ve been up to lately, including a cold plunge experience I did recently,  and then I’m chatting with Lisa Boate who will help you to get comfy in your midlife empty nest.

If you are currently navigating midlife, I know that you are well aware that it is often a time of challenges

One that we have talked about a lot and one that almost all of us can relate to is that our hormones start to do weird things as we negotiate perimenopause.

Another one, which is not so relevant to me because I don’t have my own kids but I know is very relevant to many of my patients and clients in midlife is that your children are growing up and leaving the nest.

Not only are our bodies changing but on top of that, the roles that we have been defined by for decades are shifting as our kids gain their independence and leave home.

It can definitely be a time that feels destabilizing but my guest today is here to discuss strategies to help you reclaim yourself and your life in your midlife empty nest.


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0:24: Intro

1:45: Update on my latest adventures including snowboarding fun, a Florida trip and a cold plunge experience on a girls weekend

6:36: In Episode 2.50, we are discussing your Midlife empty nest with Lisa Boate

45:22: Outro


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Cold plunge experience. Here’s me really trying to hold it together

I relaxed a little and even smiled. I was still excited to get out after 2 minutes 🙂












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