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The podcasts episodes below are about creating better habits and becoming a better human!  Listen in as Dr. Peggy and Jenny take on a new habits challenge every 30 days and share their insights as the challenge unfolds.  They will also dig into the literature on habits to help inspire you to stick with your good habits and say goodbye to those habits that aren’t serving you.  It’s time to work on improving the most important project you’ve got: 


That’s YOU!  Let’s get after it!

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Great podcast. Feeling very motivated to be my best self with Dr Peggy Malone & Jenny Couse!
tuesdayschild23, Canada

I listened to the first 2 episodes while gardening and I love the “nerd factor” as well as the honest accountability with the hosts. It made me realize how stuck I am in daily poor habits and I’m ready to get started- thanks ladies!!

Andrea Balmer, Canada

Really enjoyed the content. Awesome podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes!! Keep up the great work!

Jeff , Canada

Breaking Bad Habits – 112

Breaking Bad Habits – 112

  Breaking Bad Habits - 112   Episode 112 of The Improvement Project is the sixth episode of our "Summer Shorts" shorter summer episodes....

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