The Midlife Improvement Project Podcast

The Midlife Improvement Project podcast is for you if you are a woman in midlife who is interested in self improvement and you  feel like you need a change….like something is just not quite right.

You are itchy for the next best version of yourself

You are looking for a community of likeminded women who, like you, are facing the challenges and adventures of midlife in a totally different way than their Moms did.

You are looking for clarity as you enter this next exciting part of your life and strategies to manage your mind as you shed societally imposed expectations that you have conformed to for most of their life up until now.

You are ready to be empowered and grow into an even more badass version of yourself in the second half.

It’s time to put yourself first and get to work on improving the most important project you’ve got…


That’s YOU!  Let’s get after it!

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I’m loving Peggy’s podcast. She is inspiring and empowering.  We have one precious life and she gives us tools to go after our dreams.  Her episodes are well thought out, practical and just the right length.  Thank you!  So glad I finally started listening.

Celebrating the wins along the way in this podcast is inspirational.  As women, we don’t celebrate the little wins as often as we should.  Dr. Peggy Malone is conversational and relatable and really does break everything down in a way where you can digest it. Love her guest episodes and her interview style is easy to listen to.

I started listening to Peggy way back. She’s intuitive and knows many ways to help you get the best of you.  I have started working with her and would highly recommend her any time.