It’s Time to Say YES to a Better Version of You!
It’s Time to Say YES to a Better Version of You!

Do you feel stuck? Like you’re frustrated because you know what to do but for some reason, you just don’t do it?

You know the results that you want are possible if you’d just get after it but…you just aren’t doing the things you need to do. Are you always promising yourself that you’ll start tomorrow, or next Monday, or next week….or maybe next year?

Or maybe you’ve been telling yourself that you’re not ready.

Have you told yourself that you’ll make time when the kids are older, when you have more money, when you have more time.

Maybe you’ve mustered up some motivation and made some attempts to change and you’ve made a bit of progress..but then things slippery-slide back to the way they were.

Is there a voice whispering in the back of your mind that something has to change?

I felt the same way. I get it.

It’s so frustrating to know what you want to be doing, but you just aren’t doing it. To feel like other people have it figured out and you don’t.


But you don’t have to stay stuck.

If you make the decision to invest in yourself, in your life and in your future by coaching with me…’s what will happen:

  • I’ll help you to recognize where you are stuck and where you can grow, improve your life and feel better. I’ll listen with curiosity.  I’ll hold space for your fears and your dreams without judgement.  
  • I’ll help you identify your goals and make agreements with yourself and then I will hold you accountable to them until you can learn to hold yourself accountable with more consistency.
  • I’ll teach you to recognize what’s going on in your own brain; that you can change the results that you are getting in this life by becoming aware of and changing the thoughts that you think.
  • I’ll hold the belief for you that your biggest goals and dreams are possible until your brain starts to believe it too.  I will encourage you and cheer you on on your journey to become a better version of yourself.
  • I’ll help you to create the fantastic life that you have always wanted. You’ll amaze yourself with what is possible for you.

You have one precious life and it’s calling out to you to come and live it NOW.

Not next year or next month or next Monday…..NOW!!! Let’s get after it and go get it!

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While searching podcasts on self improvement, I came across Peggy’s podcast.

I was needing help with communication with my adult children, self confidence, and self awareness.

By working with Peggy, she helped me with creating skills for communication not just with my children but with everyday life.

She helped me realize it was “my choice” for what happened in my life.

I worked with Peggy and it was truly amazing the life skills she helped me to develop.

If you or someone you know is looking for a life coach, I most definitely recommend Peggy.

Thank you Peggy!

Shelley H

I found Peggy’s podcast and it really resonated with me as I devoured all the episodes. I ultimately decided to work with her and found her to be very intuitive.

I had our appointment on Thursday
mornings and usually didn’t have time to listen to her podcast for the week yet. It happened a lot that the questions or issues I had, she just happened to talk about on the podcast that week.

I found we had many things in common as well as our habit style. She loves to delve into the science of habits and it shows. She has been an awesome coach and I consider her an online pretend best friend!!

Thank you Peggy for you interest in helping people become their best self.

Jackie P

I initially contacted Peggy to work on a few habits that I wanted to create and stop.

Over the last six months I have gotten so much more from working with her than just forming new habits.

We’ve worked a lot on my mindset around many things in my life.

Because of these new mindsets, I feel happier and less stressed in life and have a clear idea of the things I want to continue working on.


Jordan F