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Create better habits and become a better human
Start today


1 // You want your habits and your life to be different than your current reality

You want to be more disciplined, more consistent, more productive,  happier, healthier and overall, your own best self.

2 // Be grateful, be intentional, be accountable

Start with gratitude.  Intentionally choose the new habits you want to take on, the new person you want to be and even the new life you want to live.  Once you know where you are going, you’ll need some accountability to help you get there.

3 // Let’s get focused and get after it!

It’s not going to be easy, but if you truly want to be a better human and live a ‘better than expected’, ‘outside of the box’ kind of life as your best and most effective self…..let’s take it one step and one habit at a time.  You’ve got this! Stay focused and get after it!

Everyone needs a little tune-up to keep running. This Pod is my way of checking in and tuning up my personal goals. It will be the Life Coach in my ear! Have been a long time patient of Dr Peggy and value her knowledge and perspective.
Life Coach on the Go, Canada

Positive and helpful. Fits right in with what I’m trying to accomplish.
BigAlx, Canada

Great to hear from you. Thank you for basing your ideas and suggestions in research. Also, I’m pleased you also give the counter opinion allowing us to use what works for us. I’m off to eat breakfast (a healthy one) for 30 days.
PrincipalZed, Canada

Live with gratitude