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How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

By: Dr. Peggy Malone




There is just under a month until Christmas and holiday time.  This is the time of the year when the choices that we are making are not necessarily conducive to your best health and wellness.


There are many holiday parties and functions that will be filled with tempting delicious food and drink that most of us find ourselves over-indulging in.


You also may be letting your exercise program slip because you are so busy with shopping or last minute preparations for the stress and busy-ness of holiday time.


Many of us fall into this pattern of poor choices every year at this time with the promise to ourselves that on January 1st….things will change.  That is the day when my health will rise back to the top of my priority list.


You may have grand intentions of getting back on track for January 1st


…and that’s great.




Why not start today?


If you take small steps every day for the next 3 weeks toward better habits you will be less likely to overindulge at holiday time.  You will be more likely to maintain your habits of good health despite the stress and hustle bustle of this busy time of year.


AND….when January 1st arrives, you will already be in a routine of good habits for good health.  The momentum that you start today can help you to get a head start on your wellness goals for the new year.


You are worth it!


Start today.


Come and check out my 21 Day Challenge to Better Health and Wellness.


It’s absolutely free and will give you some strategies and tips every day for 21 days to put you on the path to better health and wellness…through the holiday season and beyond.


Check it out here.


Improving your habits in this area is the perfect Christmas present to yourself 🙂


Live Well,





Dr. Peggy Malone is a Chiropractor and an Athlete who helps other athletes to overcome injury and get back to their sport. Her weekly Television Series 'Living Well" inspires people from all walks of life to take control of their health to be as happy and as healthy as they can be.

A former varsity Basketball and Rugby player, she has since entered the world of endurance athletics where she has completed 2 Ironman Triathlons, 3 Marathons, several Half Marathons and many other Triathlons, Road Races and Off-Road Adventure races of varying distances.

Her own athletic endeavors and injuries have given her valuable insight into working with athletes in her practice for both the care of injuries as well as for the improvement of athletic performance.

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