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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable – 016


In this episode 016, we discuss how things are going as we continue with the challenge to monitor what we are eating and drinking day to day.  We then get into some deeper conversation by exploring why we eat and drink the way we do.  We talk about staying in an uncomfortable place and exploring the emotions there instead of immediately self-medicating with food.   Peggy is diggin’ the luxury of her backyard hot tub  while Jenny is into a book this week.  Jenny’s win is related to getting up an hour earlier each day and Peggy’s learn is about skipping dessert.


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1:25: We check in with one another to see how the October challenge is going.  

6:22: Habits Corner:  Today Jenny and I discuss a podcast episode from Brooke Castillo’s podcast The Life Coach School Podcast that has to do with getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in choosing to make a different decision around food and drink than your default.

11:45:  Book Report:  We are excited for next week when we share an interview with Tommy Caldwell, author of our book this month: Heavy Brain.

12:32: What Are You Diggin’ Lately?  I’m diggin’ our back yard Hot Tub and Jenny is diggin’ a book called Girl, Wash Your Face

16:15: You Win or You Learn: Jenny’s win is related to getting up earlier and my learn is about the choice to skip dessert.

20:05: We wrap it up for this week and encourage you to grab a copy of Tommy Caldwell’s book, Heavy Brain.  We are looking forward to an interview with him next episode!

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Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Facebook Group: Share your workouts here!!

App: MyFitnessPal

Book: Heavy Brain by Tommy Caldwell

Website: Brooke Castillo’s

Podcast: The Life Coach School Podcast (Episode 104 Weight Loss – Discomfort)

Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Book: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis



Key Quotes:


“This podcast was a huge shift for me, and I truly think that hearing this podcast was the catalyst that led to me changing the way that I ate, and then losing 28lbs in 2016. It really helped me get the mental component of my relationship with food figured out. I would say the most simple way that I can describe it is that Brooke explains that the more comfortable that you can get with discomfort, the better off you’ll be. This means, experiencing however you are feeling, and just sitting with that feeling, rather than eating something for distraction. This also means being uncomfortable not eating something when in a group when it would be more comfortable to just eat it to not offend anyone.”  -Jenny describing her experience with Brooke Castillo’s podcast on Weight Loss Discomfort


“Resistance is using will power which almost never works because will power is a resource that decreases with use. Eventually it wears out and it’s exhausting to employ it. It also puts you in a negative shut down space emotionally. The opposite is choosing to sit in, feel, and get curious about the (perhaps uncomfortable) emotions that you are avoiding by eating or drinking. This is more open, it allows you to learn something about yourself, maybe about why you do or choose a certain thing. If you can stay here and practice this and get used to this….it’s a win….and may help you to make better choices in the future with regards to food and drink.” – Peggy describing her interpretation of one of Brooke Castillo’s concepts


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