Your Money Scripting is Affecting Your Finances


Your Money Scripting is Affecting Your Finances – 042


In episode 42, we are digging into how your past experiences with money can have an effect on your current financial situation. 

We also check in to see how Jenny and I are doing with the new challenge which is monitoring spending and creating a budget with the Mint app.  I hope that you are playing along with us.

I’m diggin’  Michelle Obama’s book Becoming and Jenny’s diggin’ non-alcoholic beer. (the reason why becomes clear when she shares her learn)

My win relates to John and I getting back to regular workouts and Jenny’s learn has to do with operating the BBQ after consuming some alcohol.


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What You’ll Hear (and don’t want to miss!)


1:41: Jenny and I check in with each other to see how the challenge is going.  We are using the Mint App and the strategy of monitoring to get more serious about our finances.  We are also adding in a budget.  

4:29: Money Scripts and Money Disorders:  We discuss how your past experiences with money can have an effect on your current financial situation and how thinking about what happened to you in the past around money can bring big ‘a-ha’ moments and help you to break unhealthy patterns that are holding you back from the financial success you are looking for.

12:55: Who Are You Anyway?:  “What are some things that you remember hearing about money or learning about money when you were a kid?”

20:00: What Are You Diggin’ Lately?  I’m diggin’ Michelle Obama’s book Becoming and  Jenny’s diggin’ non-alcoholic beer.

21:53: You Win or You Learn: My win is related to John and I getting back to regular exercise and Jenny’s learn is a cautionary tale about operating the BBQ after consuming alcohol.

28:16: We wrap it up for this week. Next week we will check in again to see how Jenny and I are doing as we monitor our finances and we will dig into the topic of budgets a bit more.  We hope that you’ll play along!    


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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App:  Mint

Book: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey



Money Disorder Assessment Questionnaire

Book: Becoming by: Michelle Obama


Online Workout Program that John and I are following:  Street Parking


Key Quotes:


Money scripts—typically unconscious, trans-generational beliefs about money—are developed in childhood and drive adult financial behaviors.

Money disorders are chronic patterns of self destructive financial behaviours. We know better….but we just can’t seem to stop ourselves. They are a result of distorted beliefs we have around money based on our financial experiences. It could be a childhood of not having enough, a lost investment, seeing your parents constantly fight about money or having someone swoop in to rescue us or bail us out of some financial trouble. These kinds of experiences can lock our beliefs into place and lead to destructive financial behaviours. Especially if these events were emotionally charged or traumatic in some way.


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What was your biggest take away from this episode? What do you remember from your childhood or your past about money? How do you feel that these unconscious scripts that have been passed to you are affecting your current financial situation?

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