Recap of Our Year of Podcast Monthly Challenges


Recap of our Year of Podcast & Monthly Challenges – 050


In episode 50, we are doing a recap of our year of podcasting and our monthly self improvement challenges and revisiting why we started to do this podcast to begin with!

Jenny is diggin’ a skin care line called Ordinary and I’m diggin’ a menstrual cup called Lunette.

My win is related to cleaning out my closet and how it makes me feel like I can now accomplish anything and Jenny’s learn is related to her relationship with sweets.


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1:27: We review some of our inspiration for starting The Improvement Project as we recap our year of monthly challenges and we share some of what we did to choose the name and get started.

10:31: Who are you anyway?  This week’s question is:  What was your biggest learning from the last year of podcasting and monthly challenges?

17:17: What are you diggin’ lately?  Jenny is diggin’ a skincare brand called Ordinary and I’m diggin’ a menstrual cup called Lunette

24:59: You Win or You Learn: My win is related to cleaning out my closet and Jenny’s learn is about her ongoing relationship with sweets.

29:37: Next week we will get into more detail about what we learned through all of the challenges that we took on over the last year.  


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Podcast:  Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Podcast: Happier in Hollywood

Podcast: The RobCast by Rob Bell

Skincare: Ordinary

The serum that Jenny is trying called Buffet

Menstrual Cup: Lunette

Everything you ever wanted to know about a menstrual cup:

Pictures from my closet decluttering project

Here’s the before picture.

Here’s a pile of files and paper that went to recycling:

Here’s me in the chaos of the mid-declutter:

And….after.  Ahhhhhh.  Feels good to declutter!!

Movie clip:  The Wedding Singer- Meatball scene



Key Quotes:


“I have taken on this habit which is this podcast and I have more consistent with it than almost any other habit that I have (other than eating, sleeping and taking care of my patients)….so thank you Jenny and thank you listeners for helping me to be consistent. I’m excited to see what our 2nd year will bring!!” -Peggy on her high level takeaway as we do a recap our year of podcasting

“Because it was my second go around with the year of challenges, I think I learned that you need to have a rhythm to it, or you can get a bit burned out, or at least I know I can. Rob Bell, one of my online pretend best friends talks a lot about the rhythm of 7, or 6 and 1, where it is through a lot of historical texts that there should be a pattern of rest, or you get burnt out. And I totally agree with this, I think once I heard this, I felt less badly about the times when I would get burned out, and just recognize that it is part of a natural rhythm, and everything in the world needs a rest sometimes. In terms of what I learned from podcasting, I think that it was cool that as soon as we just made it part of our regular routine, we just kept it up, there weren’t too many times that it felt like a ‘struggle’ to keep going, but then again you were doing the editing which takes more time, so it was easier for me.” -Jenny on her high level takeaway as we do a recap our year of podcasting.


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The Improvement Project podcast is hosted by Dr. Peggy Malone and Jenny Couse.  Peggy is a health care provider who encourages her patients every day to create better habits associated with their health and wellness.  She is wife to the hilarious and heavily bearded John, with whom she takes many adventures. Dr. Peggy is also a human being on a mission to create better habits for herself and by doing so, she hopes to inspire others to take up the challenge with her!  Jenny is a marketing professional in the international trade sector.  She and her husband Jeff are parents to hilarious 5 year old Ethan.  Her year of monthly habit resolutions in 2015 piqued her interests in how habits are created and best kept.

Join them weekly to explore how to create healthy habits that stick on the journey to becoming better humans!



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