Monitoring to Improve Healthy Habits


Monitoring to Improve Healthy Habits


In this episode 003, we discuss the strategy of monitoring and how it can help you to improve your healthy habits.  You will also get an update on the monthly challenge and know yourself better by answering the question: Are you a moderator or an abstainer?


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What You’ll Hear (and don’t want to miss!)


1:30:  A review of how Peggy has been doing with the monthly challenge of making her bed, flossing her teeth and drinking more water 

3:30: Habits Corner: We discuss the strategy of monitoring and how you can use it to improve your healthy habits.

13:49:  Jenny talks about a monitoring technique she uses to help her 5 year old son get better at his morning routine and habits.

17:45: Who are you Anyway Question: Are you a Moderator or an Abstainer?

20:50:  We talk a bit about decision fatigue and what it means when you are working toward creating a new habit.

22:34:What Are You Diggin Lately?:  Jenny discusses her love for Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project and comedienne Tig Notaro and Peggy shares her new obsession with the podcast My Favorite Murder

27:30:  A reminder that we will be doing our book report next week.  We will be discussing Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, so if you want to play along, grab the book and get going!

29:45: Be Kind To Your Older Self: Jenny discusses making her green smoothie the night before which allows her to be kinder to her 12 hours older self as well as her older self in the future. Peggy makes her coffee the night before….which isn’t really the same thing but she is encouraged to get on the Green Smoothie train.

33.10: You Win or You Learn: Jenny’s win this week involves daily meditation and Peggy relays a story that gave her opportunity for learning associated with her cat Calvin.


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Book:  The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Book: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

App:  My Fitness Pal to help track food, drink and exercise

App: Way of Life app to help keep track of habits

Comedienne: Tig Notaro 

Tig Notaro’s book:  I’m Just a Person

Podcast: My Favorite Murder

Jenny’s Green Smoothie Recipe

Meditation App: Insight Timer

Meditation App: Headspace


Key Quotes:


“Just keeping track of how much you do something tends to make you better and it makes it easier to change a habit.” -Peggy describing Gretchen Rubin’s take on monitoring.

“There is no grey area on this one for me.  I know myself and I am definitely an abstainer.” -Jenny when asked if she is an abstainer or a moderator.


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The Improvement Project podcast is hosted by Dr. Peggy Malone and Jenny Couse.  Peggy is a health care provider who encourages her patients every day to create better habits associated with their health and wellness.  She is wife to John and mom to fur baby Calvin the fat orange cat.  Dr. Peggy is also a human being on a mission to create better habits for herself and by doing so, she hopes to inspire others to take up the challenge with her!  Jenny is a marketing professional in the international trade sector.  She and her husband Jeff are parents to hilarious 5 year old Ethan.  Her year of monthly habit resolutions in 2015 piqued her interests in how habits are created and best kept.

Join them weekly to explore how to create healthy habits that stick on the journey to becoming better humans!



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