A Bedtime Routine That Will Make You Wake Up Refreshed

A Bedtime Routine That Will Make You Wake Up Refreshed – 030


On this episode 30, Jenny and I discuss our bedtime routines and offer some tips on how to make your sleepy time sleepier. I’m diggin’ a budgeting app and Jenny’s diggin’ ginger turmeric shots to fend off sickness.  My win is related to home and auto insurance and Jenny’s learn is related to this month’s upcoming book report.  We also discuss vision boards and how they may keep you focused on your goals for 2019.


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What You’ll Hear (and don’t want to miss!)


2:20: We share some sleep hygiene tips so you can get more and better sleep.

6:06: Jenny and I discuss how the sleep challenge is going for us

10:47: We discuss our bedtime routines and why having a bedtime routine is a good idea….even as an adult

20:21: 19 for 2019!  Jenny and I discuss vision boards and how you may want to use one to help you stay focused on your 2019 goals.

25:38: Listener Feedback:  Some great words and quotes from some of you who are listening and playing along.

28:04: What Are You Diggin’ Lately?  I’m diggin’ the budgeting app Mint and Jenny is diggin’ ginger and turmeric shots.

33:32: You Win or You Learn: My win is related to home and auto insurance and Jenny’s learn is related to this month’s upcoming book report

38:30: We wrap it up for this week.  Next week is our book report on The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington.  


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Book: The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington


Book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


The Miracle Morning (free chapters and audio and video)

Mint App (Budgeting App)

Ginger Turmeric Shots

Book: The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

Book: Little Black Stretchy Pants by Chip Wilson

Book: Atomic Habits by James Clear


Key Quotes:


“Before the industrial revolution and the invention of artificial lights, humans were more tuned into natural rhythms of the earth and the sun and they slept accordingly. When it got dark, they went to sleep and when it got light they woke up. Our brains are designed to respond to light when it comes to our sleep routines. There is a tiny gland in your brain called the pineal gland that produces a hormone called melatonin. When it gets dark, that little gland produces melatonin and then your brain gets the message that it’s time for sleep. In the morning, when the sun comes up, the light suppresses the pineal gland’s production of melatonin and your brain gets the message that it’s time to wake you up.

In modern times, we have royally messed this up by adding in a whole bunch of artificial lights both from the ceiling or lamps and from screens and your brain is confused and doesn’t know when to make you feel sleepy.

So a big part of your bedtime routine should be related to reducing light so that your pineal gland will start producing melatonin and let your brain know it’s time for sleep.” -Peggy discussing bedtime routines and light


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