Dr Peggy workshopDr. Peggy Malone offers each of the following workshops as a half day (approx. 3 hour) presentation for your group or business.

Goal Setting For Health and Wellness

Before you can make a change in your health and wellness situation, you must take stock of where you are and where you want to go. You must also have a good reason for wanting to make a change and a good support system to help you get there. In this workshop, Dr. Peggy Malone will take you through the 6 steps necessary to take control of your health and make a plan to keep you on track.

Real Food for Real Busy People

You are what you eat! This is very true and most of us are eating crap most of the time. No wonder we are feeling sick and tired. In this workshop, Dr. Peggy Malone will help you to uncover what you don’t know about food and nutrition and give you the tools to make better choices in what you eat and drink every day so that you can live better and feel better.

Move It Or Lose It

Human beings are designed to run and jump and hunt and gather…and instead of doing those things, most of us are rewarded in this current life for sitting still for many hours of the day. Sitting has become how smoking was a few decades ago. It’s so normal that we don’t even realize that it’s killing us. In this workshop. Dr. Peggy Malone will give great strategies on how to add more movement into your sedentary lives and workplaces!

Dr Peggy workshopManage Stress at Home and at Work

The stress response, also known as the ‘fight or flight’ response, is designed to save our lives. It’s supposed to be active for a few minutes in life threatening situations and then it should shut off as the immediate threat goes away. Here’s the problem though: Almost all of us are in a constant low level state of ‘fight or flight’ all the time. This stress response plays a role in every chronic degenerative disease and is a big reason why we are sick and getting sicker as a population. In this workshop, Dr. Peggy Malone gives some great strategies to manage stress at home and at work.

Boost Your Immune System Naturally to Beat Colds and Flu

A big reason why many people miss work and life is because they fall ill during cold and flu season. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to boost your immune system so you don’t have to miss out? In this workshop, Dr. Peggy Malone gives some great tips and strategies to help you boost your immune system naturally so that only thing you miss out on is colds and flu this year!!

Smoking Cessation. Get Help to Butt Out

We all know that smoking isn’t good for us and that it is a major contributor to cancer and other illnesses. The challenge is that even with this knowledge, people are still lighting up. In this workshop, Dr. Peggy Malone offers strategies for groups and workplaces to support those that are ready to butt out!

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