Wake Up to Life 2.0 Week 3

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Adventure, play, novelty, gratitude.

These are the magic ingredients to make sure that the next half of your life doesn’t just disappear into the ether….you can be a wizard/witch that controls time. Today’s exercise will show you how.

You know how life seems to be speeding up as we get older? Let’s talk about why all of us feel this way.

When you’re a kid, everything is novel. Everything is new. You experience new exciting things every hour of every day. Every sight, every concept, every person, every experience…..childhood is when we encountered all of these firsts and this newness.

Then we grew up and got into a routine. We go to work, we make meals, we take the garbage out, we pay the mortgage or the rent….and then we do it all again and again and again and again. Nothing is really new, it’s tedious and often stressful….and it’s mostly more of the same. It becomes monotonous.

Monotony collapses time. Novelty unfolds it

When your brain is exposed to something new….it takes in a whole lot more information about it and it releases adrenaline into your system….one or both of these things (it doesn’t seem clear in the research which is actually creating the effect) create the perception that time is slowing down.

It’s why childhood went so slowly, and why adulthood goes by so fast.

So what to do?

The way that we can use this information to our advantage and slow down our perception of the passing of time….especially when time seems to be whipping by super fast as we age…

Is to add new things to our life. To create novelty.

This week’s worksheet has some journal prompts to help you to create novelty and choose fun and adventure that will bring you into the present moment and slow down your perception of time.

Remember that the present moment is really the only thing that truly exists and life is juicier if you are in it.

Click below to download this week’s worksheet.

Wake Up to Life 2.0 – Week Three Worksheet

It’s time for Life 2.0, Let’s go!