It’s time to celebrate!!  Welcome to The Improvement Project Podcast Launch Party!!


We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new podcast The Improvement Project.  So excited in fact, that we had to celebrate and throw a party!

Check out the replay of the Facebook live video that Jenny and I did to introduce the podcast.  We had balloons, cake, champagne and a lot of fun!

Along with being entertained by our banter, you will learn about the monthly habits challenges that we will be taking on as part of The Improvement Project podcast.  You will also hear about each regular segment that we have each week on the podcast.

We would love your support as we get this project rockin!  Please head over to iTunes and rate and review our brand new baby podcast so that it gets some attention so that others can tune in to learn about creating better habits and move toward becoming better humans!  Wouldn’t that be great?


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The podcast The Improvement Project is about creating better habits and becoming a better human!  Listen in as Dr. Peggy and Jenny take on a new habits challenge every 30 days and share their insights as the challenge unfolds.  They will also dig into the literature on habits to help inspire you to stick with your good habits and say goodbye to those habits that aren’t serving you.  It’s time to work on improving the most important project you’ve got.  That’s YOU!  Let’s get after it!

Thanks so much for listening,

Big Love,

Peggy and Jenny