Success Stories


success stories“When I agreed to join my friends for the Goofy Race and 1/2 challenge, I asked myself one very important question. How does one train for a 63 km race when one is not really a runner? Step 1 – find great friends and start running. Step 2 – work with Dr. Peggy Malone! Dr. Peggy offered us a comprehensive program that touched on training plans, meal planning, healthier food choices, supplements, GMO’s, setting priorities, balancing life’s challenges, along with ways to shift our paradigms, providing emotional support and keeping an optimistic outlook when the training ran off the rails. Most importantly, she kept us accountable to our weekly goals. The idea of the coaching was to prepare us for the race – the hidden benefit is I have developed new habits that will take me far beyond the finish line! Thanks Peggy!” ~ Carol Grieve, St. Thomas, Ontario

“Dr. Peggy has helped me to learn how to listen to my body to get to the root of my neck and back pain. The weekly advice, support and accountability of her health and wellness coaching program has providing the structure I need to get back on track and reach my goals. It’s just what I was looking for.” ~ Nicole Kaiser, London Ontario

Brian and Shelley Success Stories“When we were first introduced to Dr. Peggy Malone it was just like how everyone else meets her, it was because our bodies were hurting from athletic activities. Unlike other medical personnel we have seen, she explained the injury, the cure and how to prevent it. I was intrigued by this because Dr Peggy makes her living treating people and now she educates us on how to prevent from seeing her for more treatments. ‘Mindboggling,’ I thought at first but as we grew to know her through other visits we realized she really does care and is interested in more than just the injury. Fast-forward to the present, my wife has run 3 marathons one which was Boston, 6 around the Bays and numerous half marathons. I have run one marathon and 7 around the Bays and half marathons. Dr Peggy did not only treat our “career ending injuries” but also got us mentally ready for the races. To any person that has that nagging injury my opinion is go see Dr Peggy she will treat the injury and educate you on why you are hurting but best of all will make you feel good inside and out. Thanks Peggy because of you our bucket list is getting shorter and our health is great.” -Brian and Shelley Leverton, St. Thomas, Ontario

“I have been working on training myself to watch how I stand and to not turn my foot outwards. The results were tired knees for a few weeks but now it’s making the biggest difference ever! I cannot tell you how thankful I am!! I don’t have any tingling in my foot anymore and better yet is when I had a day on my feet while canning apples & pears this week I did not deal with the normal tired, aching hurt in my feet and knees at the end of the day like I have been having the last 2 plus years!! I feel like I have been given a big secret to long youthfulness!! :)”

“Today I bought a DVD of some of the songs from “GLEE” for my daughter and I because we both love music. Anyways I just finished about an hour of dancing with her. After I was totally exhausted, but I thought to myself, last year (before I started working with you) I would never had been able to do that. WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING IT WAS!!!!!!
I just wanted to say a big THANKS, things I thought I would never be able to do I can and it is all because of you.”

“My Shin Splints are under control and are no longer an issue in my training plan.” – Andrea Balmer

“I can run with confidence because I no longer have to suffer from shin pain.” – Barbi Brochu

“Like a Sports Medicine Doctor. Her (ART) technique has made me feel 20 years younger. Very knowledgeable & explains everything. Open minded to many other complimentary therapies & suggests followup exercises, etc. Enthusiastic, encouraging, gentle & just plain fun to be around. Great value in seeing her because you can have your chiropractic needs and muscular issues addressed at the same time. Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed”

“Dr. Malone has assisted me to reach my athletic goals. For anyone wanting to improve their game, Dr. Malone is the chiropractor to do it. She utilizes a technique called active release. Awesome Doctor!”

“Dr Malone is caring, intelligient and good at her job. She performs ART and is very good.”

“I LOVE Dr.Peggy! She’s a big fan of helping you to help yourself, with lots of suggestions for exercises and easy stretches to do at home to keep you feeling good”