Do you need an energetic, charismatic speaker who also happens to know a thing or two about health and wellness?

That is Dr. Peggy and she would be super excited to speak at your event!!

Whether you’re looking for wellness inspiration or you are looking to de-stress or get motivated, Dr. Peggy has got something to say to provide your workplace, next event, group or cause with the tools they need to take the next baby step on the path to better health and wellness.

Dr. Peggy is informative, entertaining, engaging and will leave you having learned something new and with something to think about.

Her media experience includes a regular Wellness Wednesdays spot on Rogers Daytime as well as her own Rogers TV series Living Well. 

She was a keynote speaker at the Contact Atlantic conference in Moncton, New Brunswick and a breakout speaker at the Human Resources Professionals Association event in London, Ontario.

Let's do this!

Interested in getting Dr. Peggy on board for your next event? Need to know her available media dates? Send me an email and let’s get talking!