Shin Splints Solutions

Shin Splint Solutions


If You are Suffering with Shin Splints, You Can Get Back to the Sport You Love.

Get Rid of Shin Splints Once and For All.

Dear Fellow Shin Splint Sufferer,

As you can see below, I’m a runner.  I’ve got some secrets that I want to share with you not just from a clinical standpoint but also from my personal experience. Before I start that, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is the pain of Shin Splints holding you back from performing at the top of your game?
  • Have you been through the ‘Rest/Ice/Medication’ routine only to have the pain return as soon as you go back to your activity?
  • Or even worse…have you been told to GIVE UP your sport completely, and the quality of life that goes with it…because ‘This is as good as it gets‘?

Is this the kind of solution that you want as an athlete? Me neither!!

Triathlon Run Dr. Peggy Malone

My name is Dr. Peggy Malone and I have been helping athletes to battle Shin Splints and go back to their sport not only pain free but…stronger and faster than before for close to ten years… …and I can help YOU too!! As a Chiropractor and an Athlete, my own athletic endeavors have given me valuable insight into working with athletes for both the care of injuries as well as for the improvement of athletic performance. As I discovered on my own personal sports injury journey, the first step in getting rid of painful Shin Splints is to learn what causes them…

Here are the Top 5 Reasons that Athletes suffer from Shin Splints:

  1. Training Methods: When you disobey the very important rule of ‘The Terrible Toos’ and train Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon, Shin Splints are likely to appear.
  2. Training Surfaces: Training on hard or uneven surfaces, especially if you have never done this type of training before can bring on that awful pain.
  3. Muscle Dysfunction and Inflexibility: Biomechanical abnormalities such as muscle imbalances and weaknesses as well as misalignments due to inflexibility are a major cause of this annoying problem.
  4. Shoe Selection: There is plenty of mis-information as to what is the best shoe for a particular athlete doing a particular activity. Improper shoe selection is one of the most common causes of Shin Splints, and choosing the correct shoe is one of the easiest ways to get on the path to recovery.
  5. Biomechanics of Running: Improper technique or form when running is a major cause of Shin Splints. The biggest factor that I see in my practice is that in almost every case, Shin Splint sufferers are not using their gluteal musculature in a functional way. That’s right…your butt is causing your Shin Splints. Who knew?

You may be asking yourself….“So who is this Dr. Peggy person and why should I believe that she can help me?”

Here’s why… In my practice, I have helped more than 2000 athletes from all levels of competition who are now performing their sports and activities pain-free and stronger and faster than before. Remember that every single one of them was EXACTLY where you are right now…wondering if they would every perform their sport again.

2 Ironman Triathlons, 2 Half-Ironman Triathlons, 3 Marathons, many races of shorter distances as well as being a Varsity Basketball and Rugby player have given me valuable experience both as an athlete and a practitioner that you can benefit from! I understand the frustration that you are dealing with of being taken out of training or play due to injury and in those times I would give anything to be pain-free.

Triathlon 2006 Swim Section Dr. Peggy Triathlon Bike Dr. Peggy Malone

This unique approach to the problem of Shin Splints is backed up by a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, a Bachelor of Science degree, a Full Body and Biomechanics certification in Active Release Techniques (ART) as well as a soon to be completed International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma. Your Shin Splint Problem will be solved using the most accurate and complete information that this professional background provides.

Interviewing area experts as the Host of a Health and Wellness television show for my local cable television station has allowed for the learning of more information to solve the challenge of repetitive sports injuries including Shin Splints.

I’m telling you this because I know that over and over again you have put your faith in someone who has good intentions and a few decent strategies and techniques…but DOES NOT KNOW the most ACCURATE and COMPLETE professional information and techniques that have helped Shin Splint Sufferers get back to their sport over and over again.

Everyday people are running, jumping, laughing and loving the rush of pain-free shins, thanks to the strategies that have been packed into the eBook ‘Shin Splint Solutions’ Here’s the proof… Here are some stories from people who are back to doing what they love:

“My Shin Splints are under control and are no longer an issue in my training plan” 

Living with shin splints is never fun. I have a long history of organized sports and began running long distance about 8 years ago. I always believed that sport brought with it an element of pain regardless of your training plan. “No pain, no gain” has always been my stubborn mantra as I have struggled through endurance runs, hill training and multiple marathons. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Malone that my perspective changed. She was able to identify immediately that I had some manageable injuries and worked with me to resolve the issues of my shin splints. Not only did she do treatments that relieved the pain but also provided me with stretching exercises, advice about choosing shoes and improving my running gait, ways that I could enhance my cross training and strengthen those muscles causing me pain and prescribed orthotics. She also went out of our her way to suggest supplements that would balance my physical training with my nutrition plan. All of these things have not only changed the way I run, but provided me with a tangible way to help myself be healthier. Of course there are still things that I must do to ensure that I am running strong and shin splint free. Dr. Malone has armed me with the knowledge about the things I can change and the exercises I can do to strengthen as a whole. This has ensured that my shin splints are under control and no longer an issue in my training plan. I would highly recommend reading Dr. Malone’s book to ensure that you run strong and pain free throughout your life.

Andrea Balmer
Multiple Full and Half Marathons
Guelph, Ontario, Canada



“I can run with confidence because I no longer have to suffer from shin pain” As a runner and triathlete for a number of years I had grown used to the pain in my lower legs but didn’t know what it was or why I was suffering. I never thought it could be shin splints because I thought that was only something beginner runners experienced and I had completed a marathon and an Ironman triathlon, so I didn’t feel like it could be shin splints and I had been “fitted” for running shoes at a running store, so I just thought the pain in my shins was a part of running.It was to the point that it felt like the front of my legs were burning during my runs and the shins were so tender that I couldn’t even touch them without excruciating pain. Then I started seeing Dr. Peggy. She was able to explain to me that the combination of the shoes I was wearing, the lack of support and my running form were all contributing to the pain I was suffering from and that it was not something that I was going to have to continue to live with. Her knowledge of the pain I was going through and her ability to explain to me why I was experiencing all the discomfort immediately made me realize that this was something that we could fix and that I did not have to suffer while running any longer. Dr. Peggy was able to help guide me in changing my running form, she taught me the correct stretches to help loosen up the area, provided me with information to pick out the proper running shoe that would help keep my foot in a neutral position and the treatments she performed on me provided me with instant relief. For the first time in years I am able to run without shin pain and know what to focus on, when I do start to get the slight twinges in my shins. I know that it is something that I can manage and not have to suffer through. Dr. Peggy’s advice has taken my running to an entirely new level and I am able to set my sites on longer running distances and I can run with confidence because I no longer have to suffer from shin pain and I have her treatments and support to keep me running for many years to come.

Barbi Brochu
Coach, Pro Ironman Triathlete,
Ultraman Triathlon Canada 2009 Silver Medalist,
Triathlon Magazine Canada’s Ultradistance Female Triathlete of the year 2009
2010 ITU Olympic World Age Group Championships 3rd place
Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada


Believe me, I can relate to where you are right now and how you feel because it was only a few short years ago that I was super frustrated with the problem of shin splints both as a health care professional….and as an athlete! My first marathon training plan gave me constant shin pain that got worse with every long run. I was EXTREMELY frustrated that I couldn’t solve the problem because my education and tools as a health care practitioner should have given me the answers to relieve my pain. I tried ALL of the traditional solutions.…rest, ice, pain medication, stretching. I got only temporary relief from the agony that returned every time I went back to my running. It took the enjoyment out of my training and was the catalyst for my professional curiosity.

Are you like me?  Are these questions that have run through your mind as well?

  • Why won’t my shins get better?
  • Is it possible to run pain free ever again?
  • Which piece of the Shin Splint puzzle am I missing?
  • Who can I turn to for help?
  • When will the excruciating pain end?

There were many patients in my practice JUST LIKE YOU with same Shin Splint pain and the same questions. Using what I knew then, I could only help them to achieve the same temporary relief that I found for myself but couldn’t find the long term solution to this very annoying problem….

“…If only I had known then what I know now….I would have been running pain free and achieving new personal best performances!”

I wish that during my early professional years, and through my own initial struggles with Shin Splints, I had known the secrets you’re about to discover today. Instead, I had to learn these techniques through “trial and error.” I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on continuing education to increase my awareness and experience such that I am now confident that I can pass on to my patients and to you…..a much more EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to your Shin Splint suffering.

YOU don’t have to spend thousands of dollars going to different trainers and costly health care professionals in order to find answers and relief. — I’ve done the groundwork for you! And as a result, you’re about to discover ways you can start getting some relief right away!

“My strategies are a more accurate, complete way to banish the pain of Shin Splints and get back to what makes you happy…

… and I’ve decided to share them with YOU!”

And that’s why I’ve decided to make these strategies available to you, in a special eBook that you can download in the next five minutes… My strategies have been proven — over and over — in my professional practice to be some of the very best ways to banish Shin Splint pain AND increase your athletic performance. And the best thing about them is…You can get started right away in the comfort of your own house!

“Discover EXACTLY what you can do starting RIGHT NOW to get back to the sport you love…

… and how you can be stronger, faster and more powerful no matter what your activity”

In this book filled with my years of clinical experience and experience as an athlete, You will discover…

  • Chapter 1 Page 5: What Shin Splints are and What Causes Them. The more awareness you have about the problem, the closer you’ll be to a solution.
  • Chapter 2 Page 10: To be aware of your Foot Biomechanics and your Biomechanical Patterns and How they contribute to Shin Splint Pain
  • Chapter 3 Page 18: How to Choose the Right Shoe for YOUR specific Biomechanical Pattern. In the correct shoe, you will be more stable from the ground up preventing the pain of Shin Splints.
  • Chapter 4 Page 27: What your BUTT has to do with it and how you can reprogram your body to move FASTER and be MORE POWERFUL.
  • Chapter 5 Page 38: Massage and Stretching Techniques to Relieve your Shin Splint Pain
  • Chapter 6 Page 53: What You can do to PREVENT Shin Splints from returning so you can enjoy your activities without further pain.
  • Bonus Chapter Page 60: When to seek out Professional Help for Shin Pain

eBook Shin Splint Solutions

“Imagine the Wind in your Hair, Your Heart Pumping, the Sound of your Feet on the Pavement…and Best of All…NO PAIN”

If you’re serious about taking control of the AGONY of Shin Splints and Getting Back to pain free activity, then take advantage of the valuable information that you need to get started today. You could spend…

  • Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars on visits to Health Care Professionals…
  • Hours of Driving and Waiting as you go to those appointments…
  • Time after Time of Frustration as you come away without the whole picture to solving your Shin Splint pain…
  • Hundreds of Hours of Research on the internet trying to find a solution……

Or you could be on your way to Pain Free Shins in the next five minutes for only

$59 , $47, $33, $24!

Click below where it says “Add to Cart” to get back to the Freedom of Pain-Free Running.

You’ll be glad you did. “This additional Super Bonus valued at $37 is yours FREE, just for trying my strategies!” To give you even more ammunition against the annoyance of Shin Splints… …I’ve ALSO decided to include a very powerful FREE super bonus that will give you a good jump-start towards getting back to the sport you love. REPORT: How Nutrition Plays a Role in Decreasing the Pain of Repetitive Strain Injuries. Learn which important nutritional supplements can help you to get rid of annoying Shin Splint Pain 40% Faster! How Nutrition Plays a Role in Decreasing Repetitive Strain Injuries

  • Discover why supplementation can be beneficial to recovery
  • Learn about 5 nutritional supplements that will support you in decreasing the pain and frustration of repetitive strain injuries such as Shin Splints.

“You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these strategies”


If you’re still not 100% sure that these strategies to banish the excruciating pain of Shin Splints are exactly what you need to get back to the joy of an active lifestyle, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee…

If you take this first step and claim your copy of the eBook “Shin Splint Solutions” but can’t immediately put the strategies to use alleviating your Shin Splint pain and learning how to increase your level of performance, just let me know…

100% Money Back Guarantee

…I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund… even if it’s a year from today (or even longer!) I’ll even let you keep the $37 bonus report as my thanks for giving my strategies a try…




“Get started on Getting Rid of your Shin Splints pain…”

  • Get the knowledge you need about Shin Splints
  • Reprogram your Biomechanical Patterns
  • Discover How to Choose the Right Equipment
  • Learn Helpful Massage Techniques, Stretches and Exercises
  • Prevent Shin Splints from Coming Back

The choice is yours: You either want to be pain free and active or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do. But if you’re serious about getting back to the activities that make you happy and banishing the agony of Shin Splints, then you really only have one choice… …Take out your wallet, and invest the incredibly low amount of $24.

You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose. … the longer you wait, the longer you will be held back by the pain of Shin Splints. Completely unnecessary. So let’s get started… You’ll receive instructions for downloading your eBook, directly to your email inbox, in the next five minutes.


Shin Splint Solutions EBook (73-page PDF)


Shin Splint Solutions Ebook
Shin Splint Solutions Ebook
Be on your way to Pain Free Shins in the next five minutes with this 73 page ebook.
Price: $24.00

Remember: If you’re not thrilled with my strategies, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $37.00 Bonus Report — that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.
To your pain-free active life,

Dr. Peggy Malone

P.S. If you want to return to the exhilaration of the sport you love… if you are ready to become pain free, the only way you can do it is to learn from someone who’s already done it. But simply put, nobody can show you what I can show you. Nobody else’s strategies can give you the most complete solution that mine can.


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