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Salt and Sour Book With Yoda Olinyk – 118


In Episode 118, we welcome Chef Yoda Olinyk back to the show to discuss the release of her book Salt and Sour, My Recipe For Starting Over.  

She describes her book as a Cookbook Memoir and in it she tells the story of how she started from scratch in life, love, words and food.

I read this book in a hurry while on vacation.  I could….not….put…it…down.  It was so good.  Get yourself a copy and read it and love it up as much as I did.

In today’s episode, Yoda and I talk about the book, the habits she had to take on to write the book, marketing this book in the time of Covid after a delay and so much more.

I hope you love this conversation as much as I did!


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0:55: Intro

1:40: In Episode 118 I had a fantastic discussion with Yoda Olinyk about her newly released book Salt and Sour, My Recipe For Starting Over.  I loved this conversation so much and we covered a lot of ground about the book, her journey of writing it, publishing it and marketing it.  She also shared some great stories of how the book came to be.  You don’t want to miss this one!

38:12: Outro


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Where to buy the book direct from Yoda:

Book: Salt and Sour by Yoda Olinyk

Episode where I previously interviewed Chef Yoda: Episode 88  


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