Your Accountability Strategy Based On Your One-of-a-kind Habits Personality Results Are In…






I’m guessing that you stay on track with your tasks and habits best when you are helping someone else. (and they are helping you!)

You struggle to be consistent with your habits on your own….until you’ve got someone else to look after or check in with. (and you know they will also be checking in on you)

Once you have an partner who you can hold accountable, you will be way more likely to follow through and be consistent with your own habits.

You, Reciprocator, are a helper who likes to be helped. It’s a beautiful circle where everyone wins!!

Now that you know your Habits Personality, you’ll be able to take on an accountability partner and become truly intentional with how you build your habits and stay accountable to them.

Based on your quiz results, I’ve got some sweet ideas to help you build your habits using your unique connection to accountability…

First of all: if you have a friend or a business bestie in your life who has similar goals…it’s time to team up. Make an appointment to call them once a week (or more often if it helps) to check in and keep each other on track with your goals big and small.

If you don’t have someone in mind for your accountability partner: get yo’ self into some groups online (or even in real life), friend!

Now, I’m in this camp too, {{ subscriber.first_name }}, so I know how uncomfortable it can be when you first meet with new people in a group.

But once you push past that discomfort and find your habits teammate, you’ll be all set to help each other head off on the journey to your biggest dreams!

I’m going to make this easy for you. Head to Facebook and join my online community called The Improvement Project. Once you are there, be friendly and introduce yourself and then let the group know you are looking for an accountability partner.

This feels weird, but I promise….it’s powerful.

This is something that I did in a huge Facebook group and I found a small pod of peeps that are now in my corner keeping me accountable to my habits, my routines and my dreams. I want this for you too!!

What isn’t your best tactic to getting going on your habits and sticking to them? Trying to do it all yourself and getting caught in a procrastination loop that keeps you stuck. When you convince yourself that you can do it ‘all by myself’, you miss out on the power of accountability.

Humans have been relying on each other and helping each since caveman days. Let’s not lose this (very!!) old school strategy that kept us alive back then and that can keep us on track in modern times.

When you find a person (or a small group) to join on your journey toward better habits and a better life, you are far more likely to succeed!

You have so got this, my friend!! I can’t wait for you to find your teammate and get to work. You have so many amazing goals to accomplish and this will be a big step in the right direction.

Let’s get after it!!

Big Love,




P.S. Here’s how to join The Improvement Project Facebook Community. Click here to become a part of an incredibly amazing and supportive group of like minded go getters like you that are sure to become your new online best friends!! (For you it might be just one of them…and that’s fantastic!!)