Ready for change

So you are Ready for Change. What’s Next?

By: Dr. Peggy Malone

As promised a couple of weeks ago, I want to remind you of some things that you can be doing in this Spring Season to get you on track to be your happiest and healthiest as we head into summer!

We discussed that change is not something that people do when they are feeling comfortable.

Are you in a place on your health and wellness journey where you have gotten so uncomfortable with the way things are that you have made a decision to do something different?

Good! Let’s get started…

The first place I will encourage you to start is to ask yourself what you want to accomplish for your health and wellness and then ask yourself why you want to accomplish that.

The ‘what’ is your health and wellness goal.

In previous posts we have discussed goal setting and why it is so important for success. You can read about goal setting in detail there, but the basics are these: Only about 3% of people have concise written measurable goals and their resultant success is what separates them from the pack.

So whatever your health and wellness goal is… make a plan, write it down… put it somewhere that you can see it every day. Expect that you will have some setbacks. Believe you can do it.

The ‘why’ you want to accomplish your goal is the fuel that will take you there.

Finding your ‘why’ and attaching meaning to a goal of any kind will better motivate you to get your butt in gear and go after it.

The more emotion associated with your ‘Why’, the more motivating it will be and the more likely you will be to push until you succeed.

For example: If, when I asked you why you wanted to learn to eat better and lose 25 pounds, you told me, “Because my doctor told me that I should”… sure it’s a good reason but that’s not the most powerful ‘why’.

If instead you told me: “Because I want to be able to play with my children and set a good example for them so they don’t end up with health challenges like mine when they get older”. Well… now we’re talking. That’s a ‘why’ that you can really feel. And because you can really feel it, it will be there for you when the going gets tough to motivate you to keep moving towards success.

What is your ‘Why’?

  • Your friends and family
  • Your children
  • Your career
  • Your independence as you get older
  • The ability to stay active and healthy to travel
  • A race or event coming up

There is no right answer as to what your ‘Why’ should be.

It has to be important enough to you and associated with enough passion and emotion that you consider it a good reason to keep working toward your goals for health and wellness.

Each one of us has to make a conscious choice every day to make health a priority. Make one decision today that will change the next three months of your life leading into summer and beyond!

Once you have decided on the goal that you want to achieve, attach a powerful ‘why’ to it and you won’t even recognize yourself when July 1st rolls around.

Believe you can do it. I believe you can 🙂

Live Well,