How My Office Works

Treatments are By Appointment Only. Do Not walk in or drop by unannounced. Same day appointments are not available.

I don’t have administrative staff to answer phones and schedule appointments so, in order to facilitate smooth running of my simple office, I have chosen to adopt some new technology.

My office hours are:

Thursdays from 2pm-6pm. (As a result of my limited hours, it usually takes at least 3-4 weeks to get a new patient into my schedule)

The best and quickest way to make and change appointments or to leave a message is by sending me a text message at 519-808-9341.  If you are not a texter for some reason, send me an email at

How to Make or Change Appointments

  • Send me a text message at 519-808-9341 and include your name, and your availability on Thursday between 2pm to 6pm. It’s also helpful if you let me know who referred you and a quick description of the reason you are contacting me.
  • Please include your phone number, and your availability for the Thursday that you want to book an appointment for.  It’s also helpful if you let me know who referred you and a quick description of the reason you are contacting me.
  • On rare occasions when there are gremlins in the cyberworld, web or text requests will not make it to me. Should you not hear from me by the next business day, please reach out again via text message or email.

How to Pay for Your Appointment

In the office you can pay for your appointment with cash, cheque or e-transfer.

For those who wish to pay by credit card, it is done privately and securely online from the comfort of your own home before coming to your appointment.

How to Pay for Appointments using Credit Card

  • Go to “prepay for your appointment” page
  • Choose the service you are getting ie. Chiro adult $50 from drop list
  • Click on “Pay Now”
  • Choose “don’t have a PayPal account ‘use your credit card’ Continue” (those who have a PayPal account can sign in)
  • Fill in address and card information and email address (those who do not have an email address will not be allowed to continue)
  • Click “review order and continue”
  • Finalize payment
  • We will both receive email confirmations of the transaction
  • You will be given a receipt for tax/insurance purposes at your appointment

How to Reach Me By Phone (Hint: I like text messages rather than voicemail)

  • A text message is always preferable to a voicemail.  Send me a text message at 519-808-9341.  Make sure to let me know who is sending the message and the reason for contacting me.  (also let me know who referred you)
  • If you are not comfortable with sending a text message, I do check voicemail messages sporadically and will return your call the old fashioned way (but please just send me a text message….or failing that…an email to
  • Text messages (and voicemail if I absolutely must….please just send me a text) will be answered between 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday.