Your Accountability Strategy Based On Your One-of-a-kind Habits Personality Results Are In…





I’m guessing that you struggle to be consistent with good habits on your own but you don’t really like the idea of participating in groups or working with a big community.

You prefer to ask one trusted friend or expert for advice and you love it and thrive with new good habits when you are offered accountability in this close relationship as well.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear…..and I know that you are ready.

You, Observer, are a dedicated, coachable student. It’s a beautiful relationship that allows you to flourish as you should!

Now that you know your Habits Personality, you’ll be able to work with a mentor or a coach and become truly intentional with how you build your habits and stay accountable to them.

Based on your quiz results, I’ve got some sweet ideas to help you build your habits using your unique connection to accountability…

First of all: Look around your life. Do you know anyone who you could look to for guidance or coaching that will give you the accountability that you need?

Many people are willing to offer their advice and support to those who may be just a few steps behind them on the same journey. Perhaps you know someone who is just ahead of you when it comes to their habits and they’d be willing to mentor you?

If you don’t have someone in mind for your mentor, get yourself into some groups online (or even in real life), friend!

What?!?, I know you don’t really like this sort of thing, my friend, so I know how uncomfortable it can be when you first meet with new people in a group.

BUT….there is a method to this madness and I promise it’ll only be a quick detour into a group to look for what you need.

Once you push past that discomfort and find a mentor or a coach, you’ll be more set up for success as you head off on the journey to your biggest dreams!

I’m going to make this easy for you. Head to Facebook and join my online community called The Improvement Project.

Once you are there, be friendly and introduce yourself and see if anyone meets the criteria you are looking for…..then ask them questions!

Most people in the group are more than happy to share what has worked for them and perhaps, where they slipped up or had challenges. Their experience will be invaluable for you and will offer you powerful accountability as you jumpstart your habits.

You don’t have to ask questions publicly….that’s what DMs are for. People really are good and helpful and there are lots of them in the Improvement Project Community. Come on in….the water is fine my friend.

If these options don’t feel like a good fit for you, you can reach out to me.

I will be offering some paid one-one habits coaching and accountability to a few students in the next few months and if that seems like something that appeals to you, let me know! (

What isn’t your best tactic to getting going on your habits and sticking to them? Trying to do it all yourself and getting caught in a procrastination loop that keeps you stuck. When you convince yourself that you can do it ‘all by myself’, you miss out on the power of accountability.

Humans have been relying on each other and helping each since caveman days. Let’s not lose this (very!!) old school strategy that kept us alive back then and that can keep us on track in modern times.

When you find a mentor or a coach to help you on your journey toward better habits and a better life, you are far more likely to succeed!

You have so got this, my friend!! I can’t wait for you to find your mentor and get to work. You have so many amazing goals to accomplish and this will be a big step in the right direction.

Let’s get after it!!

Big Love,




P.S. Here’s how to join The Improvement Project Facebook Community. Click here to become a part of an incredibly amazing and supportive group of like minded go getters like you that are sure to become your new online best friends!! (For you, it might be just one…and that’s fantastic!!)