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On this week’s episode of my television show ‘Living Well’, I chatted with Naturopathic Doctor Megan Soloy-Theil and Co-Owner/Operator of the Vesta Centre Shawn DeVree.  


Our topic was babies!  More specifically, we talked about some practical natural solutions for pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding and some common ailments seen in babies and kids.


Childbirth and those first few years can be the most challenging for both you and your family.  Not all the symptoms we experience during this time are normal.  


Complementary and Alternative Health care can often give you a more gentle way to help.  Naturopathic Medicine works with you to look for the underlying problem not just symptoms management.



For example, Megan Soloy-Theil discussed a common ailment for woman during pregnancy…morning sickness.  She said she sees this often in her practice and that every woman is different but often increasing certain vitamins and minerals, eating small meals often and even using a wrist band that massages an acupuncture point to lessen nausea will help to reduce this common symptom of pregnancy.


During breastfeeding, she focuses on making sure that women are getting enough water, and are getting enough good food to eat.  These seem like common sense things but are often neglected in the stressful busy time when a new baby arrives.


Dr. Megan mention that she commonly sees chronic ear infections in her office.  This is something that is extremely common in young kids and the most common way to deal with it is by managing the symptoms.


Megan mentioned that in many cases, she finds that there is an underlying food allergy that is contributing.  She said that in her experience Dairy is often a factor.  When parents remove dairy from the diets of their kids that have experienced repeated ear infections, they no longer get them.  


It’s worth a try if your kids are continually suffering.


Dr. Megan also gave some really great easy home tips for 

Some other common childhood ailments.


For fever, headaches and infections she recommends Cold Wet Socks.  


It is just what it sounds like:


Cold wet socks – take a pair of cotton socks and soak them in cold water.  Ring out the socks and place them on the child’s feet.


Cover the wet socks with another pair of dry socks and bundle up to stay warm.  The wetness will draw fever and infection down toward the feet and away from the brain where it’s causing the symptoms.  As it does this, the socks will dry.


Only remove the socks once the body has completely dried them.  Dr. Megan says that it works great!


Also worth a try as an alternative to medicines that have other more damaging side effects.


For upset stomach Fennel or Peppermint tea can work great to calm the digestive tract.  You can also rub peppermint oil on an uncomfortable or upset tummy which will help to calm it and feel better.


These simple and proactive, natural solutions can make huge difference in your child’s health.


Megan Soloy-Theil is a Naturopathic Doctor who practices in St. Thomas, Ontario in the In Touch Health and Wellness Centre located at 2 Second Ave.  You can reach her to book an appointment at 519-637-7277


On this episode, we also chatted with Shawn DeVree who is the Co-Owner and Operator of the Vesta Centre, a store and a parenting centre in St. Thomas, Ontario.


The Vesta Centre is a place to buy alternative and natural parenting products.  It is also a venue for expecting and young families to be social and get support from others who are going through the same exciting and sometimes challenging changes.


There are many programs offered at the Vesta Centre for prenatal families as well as post partum families.


During pregnancy, they offer a childbirth education class that helps expecting parents with prenatal nutrition, exercise, understanding stages of labour as well as pain management and coping strategies for birth and delivery.


Shawn discussed the fact that we, as North Americans tend to lack a birth culture and as a result, many women (especially first time moms) head into childbirth not really knowing what to expect.  


This class helps to manage those expectations by introducing new parents to typical procedures that may happen at the hospital or during a home birth.


The class also helps couples to expect and manage changes to their relationship during the stressful time when a new baby arrives.  Knowing what to expect and making some plans and strategies before it happens will make negotiating this challenging time a little easier.


Other programs offered during pregnancy include a breastfeeding class and prenatal yoga classes.


After baby arrives, the Vesta Centre offers Mom to Mom groups as well as Mom and Baby fitness programs like Stroller Fit. 


The Vesta Centre is one example of a parenting center that offers amazing services for families as they prepare for and grow into their new life scenarios.  If you are not in the London/St. Thomas area, make sure you check your local area to see if you can find some similar services to help you with the challenges of this exciting time.


If you are looking for more information on the Vesta Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario, check


You can find them at 767 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario and reach them by phone at 519-631-6461.


Until next time,


Live Well






Dr. Peggy Malone is a Chiropractor and an Athlete who helps other athletes to overcome injury and get back to their sport. Her weekly Television Series 'Living Well" inspires people from all walks of life to take control of their health to be as happy and as healthy as they can be.

A former varsity Basketball and Rugby player, she has since entered the world of endurance athletics where she has completed 2 Ironman Triathlons, 3 Marathons, several Half Marathons and many other Triathlons, Road Races and Off-Road Adventure races of varying distances.

Her own athletic endeavors and injuries have given her valuable insight into working with athletes in her practice for both the care of injuries as well as for the improvement of athletic performance.

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