Month One Challenge Wrap Up-005


Month One Challenge Wrap Up


In this episode 005, Jenny and I wrap up our first month’s challenge. You’ll hear how I did over a month of flossing my teeth, making my bed and drinking more water every day. We ask the question: “Are you a rule follower or a rule rebel?” and you’ll hear a green juice related win from Jenny and a weeds (that’s weeds….not weed) related learn from me.  Let’s dig in!


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What You’ll Hear (and don’t want to miss!)


1:15:  A wrap up and discussion of how Peggy did with the month one challenge of making her bed, flossing her teeth and drinking more water.  We also get Jenny’s thoughts on how she did during the month.

6:22:  We gush a little bit over the fact that there are actual real people listening to us each week and we are so excited!!  Thank you so much for listening!

7:49:  What did you think about last week’s Book Report? We are up for any suggestions when it comes to the podcast and if you have suggestions specifically related to the book that we choose to go along with our theme each month, let us know!

8:27: Who are You Anyway? This week’s question is:  Are you a rule follower or a rule rebel?

11:57: What Are You Diggin Lately?:  Jenny is diggin the Crave (Hulu) series The Handmaid’s Tale and Peggy shares her love for the refreshing summer cocktail that is a NorCal Margarita!

17:20: You Win or You Learn: Jenny’s win this week is about sticking with her green juice habit despite some challenges and Peggy shares a learn that has to do with pulling weeds in her front yard.

22:42: We discuss what we will be talking about next week as we head into our next challenge.  I encourage you to check out Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer to see which one resonates with you the most as we move into a Meditation challenge.

Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Book: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Tequila for NorCal Margarita

TV Show: The Handmaid’s Tale

Vitamix Blender

Meditation App: Headspace This one has a free 10 day beginners pack

Meditation App: Calm  This one is great for meditation and sleep and has a 7 day free trial.

Meditation App: Insight Timer.  This one is a great free app



Key Quotes:


“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”-Jenny quoting Pablo Picasso as she discusses whether she is a rule follower or a rule rebel in today’s ‘Who Are You Anyway’ segment.

I feel like this situation is a learn in that it is a metaphor for the ‘weeds’ of life that may sneak up on you if you don’t stay on top of them.  It is a reminder to stick with the routine of your everyday habits so that you don’t end up overwhelmed with a huge obstacle to overcome. -Peggy while discussing her ‘learn’ for this week.



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