Meditation Challenge Wrap Up


Meditation Challenge Wrap Up


In this episode 010, we wrap up our month long meditation challenge and then we dig right in to what we will be doing in September.  We also explore the habit strategy of The Clean Slate.  Jenny shares a podcast that she’s diggin’ lately and Peggy is a little bit embarrassed to share that she has a bit of a crush on a celebrity.  We also explore a win from Jenny related to getting up in the morning to meditate and Peggy’s learn is related to our mindfulness exercise from 2 weeks ago related to eating. 


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1:18:  We review how the monthly challenge went and we discuss what it meant to each of us and how we will be moving forward as we have re-activated this habit of meditation into each of our lives.

4:57: Habits Corner:  On this episode, we discuss the habits strategy of The Clean Slate.  

7:21: Mindfulness Exercise followup: We follow up from Episode 8 with the exercise which was ‘When eating, just eat’.  We then introduce a new mindfulness challenge related to your posture.

12:39: Who Are You Anyway?: This week’s question is ‘Do you work well under pressure’?  Jenny and Peggy share their thoughts on this question for themselves.

16:05: What Are You Diggin’ Lately?  Peggy embarrasses herself a little by disclosing a celebrity crush.  Then Jenny talks about a podcast that she’s into lately.

23:20: You Win or You Learn: This week Peggy shares a learn related to the mindfulness exercise about eating.  Jenny’s win is related to changing up her meditation routine.

28:00: We wrap it up for this week and encourage you to join us for our daily exercise challenge in September.  Daily movement through the month of September.


Resources + Links Mentioned in This Episode:


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Book: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Movie: Mission Impossible – Fallout

GIF:  Henry Cavill ‘reloading’ his arms in the Mission Impossible movie



Podcast:  Armchair Expert


Key Quotes:


“Along with the habits that we did in month one, which I’ve been very good at keeping up, I would guess (based on the fact that we have this accountability to each other, and this podcast and listeners), I’m going to keep up with the meditation as well” -Peggy describing her success with habits in the first 2 months of habits challenges.

“Any beginning is a time of special power for habit creation, and at certain times we experience a clean slate, in which circumstances change in a way that makes a fresh start possible – IF we are alert for the opportunity.” – Peggy quoting Gretchen Rubin

“There is a magic to the beginning of anything.  We want to begin right, and a good start feels auspicious.   So….we should start the way we want to continue. Where you sit in a class or a meeting is likely where you’ll continue to sit.  Once you have established a morning routine at home or at work…it’s likely you’ll continue with it.” –Peggy quoting Gretchen again.

“In any given project, I like the idea of having enough time to sit down, plan out the steps and then do a couple steps each day to eventually get there so that it’s not all at once and you can space it out.  That’s definitely how I work best. I enjoy making the plan and then following the plan” -Jenny describing how she takes on a project or a task….in a way that is exactly how all the self help books say to do it!  She’s so great 🙂

“September as ‘another January because it is another time of year, similar to the beginning of January where we get that ‘starting fresh with a clean slate’ feeling and we can more easily move into a new habit.”– Peggy Quoting Gretchen


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What was your biggest takeaway or insight from this episode? Have you been joining us and meditating along this month?  We want to know if you played along and we are also super curious to know if you are a first time meditator and what your experience was.  We also want to know if you’ll be joining us this September for our daily exercise challenge.  Leave us a comment or just come and say ‘Hi’ on the socials.  I’m on Instagram and Twitter and Jenny is on Twitter.  You can always get our attention by using the hashtag #TheImprovementProject

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