3 Ways to Get Your Habits on Track and Derail Decision Fatigue


How to Create A Routine That Will Calm Your Overwhelm and Let Your Poor Tired Brain Have a Rest by Leveraging What You Already Do Everyday….and Make it Easier.

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In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

  1. How to mooch off the habits that you already have locked in (believe me….you do) to create a more streamlined system that will help you cut your To-Do list in half!
  2. How to take a look at your surroundings and find ways to allow outer order to bring you inner calm.
  3. How to create a morning routine that will reduce your decision fatigue and overwhelm and make your days go smoother


Are You The Keeper of Everyone’s Information?

I have seen that it is more common that the woman or the Mom in a household, becomes the organizer of stuff and calendars and food and chores.  All of the decisions related to things such as meals, chores, school, work, activities, special events and more are often being stored in one person’s brain….and it’s often the Mom who is carrying the weight of all of this information and the decisions that need to be made associated with it.

And what I have seen with my patients is that because this one person’s brain is inundated with everyone’s information, it’s like that person’s operating system is overwhelmed and becomes susceptible to break down somewhere……and I see it in a breakdown of the mental or physical well being in these managers of all things.

They are so busy focusing on holding information and making decisions for everyone around them, that they put themselves to the back burner and ignore their own needs.

Does this resonate at all for you?

If so, Join me in this Masterclass to learn some practical techniques to help you manage this decision fatigue and overwhelm.


This Masterclass is a Must Attend if…

  • You are so busy and overwhelmed just getting through the day each day and you are holding on to the edges for dear life.
  • You can’t remember the last time that you felt relaxed or that you did something just for you.
  • Your brain is starting to feel like mush and you’re having trouble remembering all the details of all the things that hold your household together.
  • You’d like to get on track with some healthy habits but you just haven’t had time or you just can’t see how they would fit into the chaos that is your life.


It’s Time to Get Focused and Get After It


Hi There, I’m Dr. Peggy Malone.  I live in London Ontario, Canada with my bearded hubby John and our rag doll cat Amigo.

After 18 years of working with patients to help them take on better habits for health and wellness as well as a year of personal monthly habit challenges, I’ve learned how our daily choices impact and ultimately create our lives.

For the last 2 and a half years I have been sharing my personal experiments with habits and routines on the podcast The Improvement Project and I have definitely created positive changes including less overwhelm and smoother, calmer days (although I am still in a work in progress).

I want to inspire you to believe that your life can be calmer and less chaotic and you can incorporate good healthy habits and routines that will set you and your household up for success!!

If you are you ready to get your habits on track, calm the overwhelm in your life and take control of your routine, I can’t wait to share some practical techniques with you to take the first steps!

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Let’s go!!!!  I’ll see you there!

Until then, Stay Focused and Get After it!