Lone Wolf

Your Accountability Strategy Based On Your One-of-a-kind Habits Personality Results Are In…





Lone Wolf

I’m guessing that you are very self sufficient and love to work on your own. You love your independence and autonomy.

You are good at meeting expectations of others and yourself and you are good at taking on and sticking to new habits. (downside….you sometimes take on habits just for habits sake…rather than because you’ve intentionally chosen them and know that they will lead to you being your best self.)

You, Lone Wolf, are a dedicated student who just needs some strategies and routines to get you on your path to being the best you can be! You got this and when you have the right tools….you know it!

Now that you know your Habits Personality, you’ll be able to get focused and become truly intentional with how you build your habits and stay accountable to them.

Based on your quiz results, I’ve got some sweet ideas to help you build your habits using your unique connection to accountability…

First of all: If you are struggling to maintain good habits, have you locked in a daily routine? Do you have some good strategies that have worked for others that are a few steps ahead of you on the path?

Often people who are best at being accountable to themselves, will do amazing once they have some great strategies and a solid routine to follow every day.

Another option to find what you need to get you on track is to source some great information on habits or routines from those who have been successful before you and then implement those strategies to keep you on track toward your biggest dreams!

Have you considered joining a group that discusses such things? Wait!?! I know we just established that it isn’t really your jam…

BUT….there is a method to this madness and I promise it’ll only be a quick detour into a group to look for what you need.

I know you are great at self study and you can scan the tactics and strategies used by members of the community to find the gold nuggets that may be powerful for your own habits and routines.

I’m going to make this easy for you. Head to Facebook and join my online community called The Improvement Project.

Most people in the group are more than happy to share what has worked for them and perhaps, where they slipped up or had challenges. Their experience will be invaluable for you and will offer you powerful strategies and ideas as you jumpstart your habits.

If these options don’t feel like a good fit for you, let me tell you a little secret….(shhhhh). In a few months, I’ll be launching a course about jumpstarting your habits and routines that will be perfect for a go getter like you that can dive into the content and get after it like a good student does.

If that seems like something that appeals to you, let me know! (drpeggy@drpeggymalone.com) Or, just watch my emails and social media over the next while and jump in when you feel ready!

What isn’t your best tactic to getting going on your habits and sticking to them? Now I know you are a lone wold for a reason but I just want to put this out there to see if it resonates at all.

Often when people try to do things all by themselves, they end up getting caught in a procrastination loop that keeps them stuck.

When you convince yourself that you can do it ‘all by myself’, you miss out on the power of accountability.

Humans have been relying on each other and helping each since caveman days. Let’s not lose this (very!!) old school strategy that kept us alive back then and that can keep us on track in modern times.

Make sure you don’t rule out the accountability that can be offered by others just because you are so self sufficient. Maybe there is something to be gained from teaming up on your journey toward better habits and a better life?

I know you’ll decide what is best for you!!

You have so got this, my friend!!! I can’t wait for you to find your strategy and get to work. You have so many amazing goals to accomplish and this will be a big step in the right direction.

Let’s get after it!!

Big Love,




P.S. Here’s how to join The Improvement Project Facebook Community. Click here to become a part of an incredibly amazing and supportive group of like minded go getters like you that are sure to become your new online best friends!! (You might just observe and pick up some great ideas…and that’s fantastic!!)