What Does Your Health Need Help With?


This week, I created a short survey of questions about your health.

The answers to these questions will help me to prepare exceptional programs and services, that will be designed specifically for YOUR health and wellness success.

I know that your time is valuable and I’m so grateful that so many of you have taken the time to answer the questions and I wanted to share the results of the survey with you today!

Maybe you will find some surprises in how the majority of people answered.


1) What are your biggest challenges in fitness or athletics?

  1. I’m never sure about my diet both during training or workouts as well as my every day nutrition. 16.5%
  2. I just can’t stay injury free.  Every time I get back to full training, something else is hurting. 12.7%
  3. I have a challenge staying consistent with my workouts/training. 41.7%
  4. All of the above. 13.9%
  5. I don’t participate in a regular exercise/training program. 15.2%

So, more than 55% of you that responded are having a challenge staying consistent with your workouts or training.  Almost 30% of you are interested in nutrition for athletics.  


2) Would some ‘At-your-Desk’ exercises help you from  feeling achy and exhausted from sitting at your desk all day?  

  1. Yes!  I desperately need this information. 6.3%
  2. I would love to learn more about ergonomics and how I should set up my work station so I can feel better. 8.9%
  3. Yes.  I’m interested in exercises and also some nutritional tips to keep me energized and focused throughout my day. 39.2%
  4. All of the above. 21.5%
  5. No, I don’t find that sitting at my desk is a problem at all. 24.1%

The survey confirms that sitting is a problem.  More than 75% of you are looking for some solutions to the aches and pains associated with sitting.


3) Are you interested in learning more about how stress is affecting your health and some natural ways to manage it?

  1. Yes!  I really feel like stress is holding me back and contributing to my health deteriorating. 12.5%
  2. Yes.  I’ve heard that my body could be suffering from the effects of stress even if I don’t FEEL stressed. 13.8%
  3. I’d definitely like to learn some natural ways to relieve and manage stress. 32.5%
  4. All of the above. 27.5%
  5. I feel like I’m managing stress just fine. 13.8%

Wow! Stress is a HUGE topic.  More than 86% of the people that answered this question are in need of some strategies to help them manage stress.  


4) Are you worried about the toxins that your body is exposed to every day?

  1. Yes. I want to learn how to reduce toxins in my life. 16.5%
  2. Yes.  I want to learn how to cleanse toxins out of my body and eat better so I can reduce my toxic load. 12.7%
  3. Yes. I am interested in learning how to read labels to make more informed and less toxic choices. 19.0%
  4. All of the above. 41.8%
  5. I’m not really that worried about toxicity. 10.1%

Another very revealing answer!  Almost 90% of you that answered have some concerns about the toxins that your bodies are exposed to on a regular basis.


5) Have you been told that you should be stretching but you aren’t sure how or what to do?

  1. Yes! I would love to have someone show me some stretches that would help me to feel better. 11.3%
  2. I’d like to learn some stretches that I can do in every day life situations so that I’d be more likely to do them. 21.3%
  3. I want to learn some stretches that I can do at my desk or in my car. 3.8%
  4. All of the above. 37.5%
  5. I’m pretty comfortable with knowing when and how to stretch. 26.3%

Almost 75% of you know that you should be stretching and are looking for a little direction.

If you didn’t participate in the survey….what do you think?  Would you say that you agree with the answers that most people gave?  

If you agree or if you don’t, I would love to hear your feedback.


If you would like to take 2 minutes and answer these questions to give me some further information, that would be great!

Here is the link:

So, What does your health need help with?

Do you have any other areas of your health that you need help with that they survey didn’t cover?

Leave me a comment in the comment section below with your suggestions.

Here’s to your good health and wellness!

Live Well,





Dr. Peggy Malone is a health care provider who encourages her patients every day to create better habits associated with their health and wellness. She is wife to the hilarious and heavily bearded John, with whom she takes many adventures as well as Cat Mom to the floofy ragdoll Amigo.

Dr. Peggy is also a human being on a mission to create better habits for herself and by doing so, she hopes to inspire others to take up the challenge with her!

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