CrockPot Applesauce

By: Dr. Peggy Malone

Crockpot ApplesauceCrockpot Applesauce


  • 8 – 10 medium organic gala apples (naturally sweet so no need to add sugar).
  • Enough water to cover the bottom of your CrockPot


  1. Add just enough water to the CrockPot to completely cover the bottom.
  2. Chop and core your apples. Big pieces are perfect. No need to peel them.
  3. Put the apples into the CrockPot, cover, and cook on low for 5 – 6 hours.
  4. I used a potato masher to mash up the apples which gave me a nice chunky apple sauce.  If you prefer a smooth applesauce you could run the cooked apples through a food mill or give them a spin in your food processor or blender.
  5. Serve warm or cover and refrigerate or get out the mason jars and get canning!

My kitchen smelled amazing all day as the apples were cooking away in my crockpot!  This applesauce is sweet and flavourful without adding sugar or other spices!

This applesauce is delicious enough on it’s own but you could also use it in many other recipes!!