Choose Your Thoughts and Words Wisely, They Will Show Up In Your Life

“I’m broken”.

Those were the words that my patient said to me yesterday.  She had just finished a several week long stint at her desk finishing up a major project and all the joints in her body were stiff and sore and giving her grief.  I immediately reminded her:  “Choose your thoughts and words wisely, because they will should up in your life”….and then, of course, I went on to explain what I meant by that.

She certainly wasn’t broken.  She was temporarily stiff and sore because she had abused her body.  After her treatment she felt much better and I felt compelled to remind her that her words matter.  Her subconscious mind is listening all…the…time.

Your brain can only consciously process 5% of the information that you are exposed to

Your brain is an amazing piece of machinery that takes in massive amounts of information every second of every day.  Only about 5 percent of that information can be perceived by your conscious mind.  The rest is being absorbed and documented and filed away by your subconscious mind.

Even when things are said as a ‘joke’ or in a self deprecating way, your subconscious mind doesn’t have any judgement about the tone or the intent of the words.  It only hears: “I’m broken” and then files it away in the ‘Things that are true’ file. 

What you choose to think about and talk about most of the time will show up in your life. 

This is a statement that many people find woo hoo and then they tell me they’ve been thinking about and talking about winning the lottery and waking up with Tom Hardy in bed beside them….and guess what…it still hasn’t happened. Ok…hahaha.

(Side Note: Tom Hardy is an attractive man (even my husband agrees 🙂 )

If you constantly file thoughts in the ‘Things that are true’ file in your subconscious mind, those thoughts will become your beliefs.  As you choose your thoughts in this manner and they turn into beliefs, the things that you believe will show up in your life.

If you believe bad things or good things will happen to you, they will

If you believe that the world is a terrible place; that things are getting worse; that people are bad, that there is nothing to celebrate; that you are lonely; that you are worthless, that you are broken…..then you will look for evidence around you to support those beliefs.  When you find the evidence, on the news, in your relationships, in your thoughts, in what happens to you….your beliefs will be confirmed.

When something wonderful happens to you, you will dismiss it as a fluke and continue to hold negative beliefs.  These beliefs will continue to be confirmed by what you see around you.  Then you may find that bad things continue to happen to you, because that is what you expect.

Conversely, if you believe that the world is an amazing place; that things are getting better; that people are good; that there is so much to celebrate in each day;  amazing people are all around you; you are the cats pyjamas; that you are whole and happy, then you will look around you for evidence that supports those beliefs.  When you find that evidence, your beliefs will be confirmed.

Spoiler Alert:  Something bad will eventually happen to you

When something terrible happens to you (as it will….this is life…there will always be challenges and struggles), you will do your best to reframe the situation as you work your way through it.   You will find the silver lining and the learning in the challenging experience.  You will realize that life happens for you…not to you.  And then, you will continue to hold your positive beliefs which will continue to be confirmed by what you see around you.  You will find joy again because that is what you expect.

If you identity with one or the other of these experiences….or somewhere in between, know that you have the power to shape the world around you with a combination of your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

You can choose the thoughts that you think and the words that you say

The coolest part about this is that you can choose the thoughts that you think and the words that you say!

When you increase your awareness about what you are thinking and what you are saying, you may find that some of your common self talk is not as positive as it could be. When you catch yourself thinking or saying negative thoughts and words, take a second to notice what you’ve thought or said and then change it up! 

Declutter your thoughts like you declutter your physical space

In my last 2 posts, I shared with you ways to declutter your physical space.   As it turns out, you can also declutter your thoughts and your words.  Choose your thoughts by getting rid of the ones that don’t serve you and keeping the ones that make you a better you.

The more you speak to yourself with words of love and support and positivity, those are the things that will show up in your life.

Even if you don’t believe it yet….give it a try.  You can choose your thoughts in a more intentional way and have a positive experience with this habit.  Once you do, your beliefs will start to shift and so will your life!!

I believe in you!

Big love,