Putting You First

21 Days to Better Health Challenge



21 Action Steps for creating a new habit of health and wellness!

In a busy life with family obligations, stressful jobs, and distractions everywhere, many people put their own well being at the bottom of the priority list in their day-to-day activities. Ending up feeling tired, run-down, depressed, overwhelmed, overweight and unhappy. Do you resonate with any of this?

Imagine if you came first rather than last.

You can create a life filled with more energy, more vitality and live more fully and richly as a result. If you feel better, your relationships with your partner and your kids will improve. You will have time and energy to do things you are passionate about, enjoying them fully. Studies show it takes 21 days to create and solidify a new habit, why not start now!?

In my practice every day I give people advice on ways to change their current health habits and head down a path toward a fuller happier healthier life. Partner with me during the next 3 weeks, and lets take control to find the happier, healthier you that awaits you.

Let’s Get Healthier Together!

Here’s how we’ll do this – I’ll show up in your “in” box every day for 21 days and give you specific tips and action steps on how to go from tired and sick to healthy and energized! (Even if you’re not sick technically, you never know how sick you’ve been until you get healthy)

Topics we’ll cover:

Setting Health Goals

Accountability Partners

Scheduling Your Health

Menu and Grocery Planning


Multivitamins and Supplements

Making a Commitment to Yourself

Eating Clean Whole Foods

Getting It Done Even When you Don’t Feel Like it.

Your Journey to Healthier and Happier Starts Right Now!!

I need YOUR help to get the word out!

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BUT, you must take responsibility for each step along the way for your new health habits to take hold so you can be healthier, feel younger and more energized!


21 Days to Better

Health and Wellness


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