Choose Your Thoughts and Words Wisely

Choose Your Thoughts and Words Wisely, They Will Show Up In Your Life

“I’m broken”.

Those were the words that my patient said to me yesterday.  She had just finished a several week long stint at her desk finishing up a major project and all the joints in her body were stiff and sore and giving her grief.  I immediately reminded her:  "Choose your thoughts and words wisely, because they will should up in your life"....and then, of course, I went on to explain what I meant by that.

She certainly wasn’t...

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Do You Talk to Yourself?


negative self talk - Talk to Yourself

Do You Talk to Yourself?

By: Dr. Peggy Malone

Words and thoughts are powerful.

What you think about and talk about most of the time will show up in your life.  

If you think negative thoughts all the time, don’t be surprised if a lot of negative stuff happens to you. Conversely, positive thoughts lead to a positive life. This sounds simplified but all things being equal... this is true!

The way that you talk to yourself creates your beliefs and your...

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