Strengthen Your Glutes: Reintroduce your Brain to Your Butt

Strengthen Your Glutes: Reintroduce your Brain to Your Butt

By: Dr. Peggy Malone

As marathon season comes to a close and many athletes are transitioning into their off-season activities, it’s a perfect time to start the process of reintroducing your brain to your butt. We have talked a lot in previous posts about the importance of the function of the Gluteal musculature. Today we will do a wee review and then get straight into some great exercises to strengthen and stabilize your butt! Here is a list of some of the injuries that...
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Golf: Get in the Game Without the Pain

Golf Sunset


After what seems like eons, the spring weather has finally arrived and golf lovers are doing the happy dance back to the links!

Golf is definitely one of the activities that fits into what we discussed a few weeks ago regarding the risk of injury as people are transitioning into new activities as the season changes.
With this transition back into swinging the clubs regularly, I often...
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Garden Safe: Plant and Rake Without the Ache

Dr. Peggy's Garden

As the spring weather slowly starts to peek its way out from under this year’s never-ending winter, I’m excited to see that my lilies and my peonies have survived in my front garden and are doing a little stretch as they look for the spring sun.

Watching the little miracles in my garden gets me excited to get into the garden to clean up the winter mess and plant and weed...

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